War & Militarism

The Green Party Elders say NO! to endless wars and endorse the March 18 action in Washington, D.C.

Join Green Parties around the country by demanding and end to militarism!

The impact of the Ukraine invasion has had devastating impacts on the elderly. Increasing numbers of studies are emerging from research of elders there with alarming statistics and anecdotal information as elders have become at increased risk of displacement, institutionalization, living in dangerous conditions, accelerated decline in health, and more. Read our document, Impact of War and Military Spending on Elders, which lists articles and research on not only Ukraine elders, but the impact of war on elders everywhere.

The world’s military spending continues to increase, with a major portion coming from NATO countries and the United States defense budget is the largest. As a result, the planet is in peril. Areas that support human needs are cut, more and more people are pushed into poverty and our most vulnerable populations, including the elderly, experience the greatest of these impacts to their lives.

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