Mission and Purpose


The Elders Caucus advocates for the celebration and use of the foundational roots of the GPUS: Ecology, Equality, Democracy and Peace in our work.  The Elders Caucus strives to bring the many years of Green Party activism and life experiences of its members to bear on the critical struggles facing us today in our party, our nation, and our world.

We have lived the history of our Party.  We believe that our institutional knowledge and experiences, combined with our continuing efforts and actions can empower Greens of all ages to engage in collaborative forward thinking to influence policies and incorporate actions that liberate, honor and empower us all.


The world is changing faster than ever, and the full participation of the elders in society is needed more than ever. But elders have traditionally been sidelined, and are treated as surplus now and earlier in life than ever before. If you are not elderly now, just wait: elders’ problems will soon be your own.

Despite the fact that many of the richest and most powerful people in our society are elderly patriarchs the poorest and most vulnerable, most ignored, and least-resourced people on earth are elderly.

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The Elders of the Green Party of the United States, also aim to provide wise conceptualization, drawing on our collective wisdom, in order to provide good theoretical leadership for our party.

The Elders Caucus will work to provide  educational materials on issues of special interest to all Green Party members and Green Party candidates regarding issues affecting seniors. The Elders Caucus will draft Green Party position statements, press releases, and platform amendments on these issues,  provide linkages to organizations that share Green party values that advocate for seniors, and promote actions on issues affecting seniors.