Visit the Green Party Elders Resource Padlet for articles, webinars, position papers and many other resources on aging and the elderly.


The EldersThe Elders was founded by Nelson Mandela in 2007. We are an independent group of global leaders working for peace, justice, human rights and a sustainable planet.

Elders Climate Action – The mission of Elders Climate Action is to mobilize elders throughout the United States to address climate change while there is still time to protect the well-being of our grandchildren and future generations.  We are dedicated to using the power of our caring, our wisdom and our numbers to push for strong policies that will reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere to a level consistent with life thriving on our planet.

Elders Rising (Facebook) – We are elders (in Utah) working together on climate justice to assure a livable world for the future generations of all species.

Raging Grannies – We are out in the streets promoting peace, justice, social and economic equality through song and humour.