Founding of the Green Party of the United States – July 2001

At the meeting of the Associated State Green Parties in Santa Barbara in July 28-29, 2001, the organization voted to change its name to the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) and to apply for recognition from the Federal Election Commission as having National Committee status.
Press Conference at the Founding of the Green Party – July 2001
Early-History-founding-press-conference.jpgThe Santa Barbara meeting was followed by a press conference in Santa Monica. It was attended by more than a dozen news organizations, including the Associated Press, NBC, CNN, and Fox News, as well as reporters from Los Angeles-area radio stations and newspapers. A portion of the press conference was broadcast nationally by C-SPAN.
The C-SPAN portion featured Santa Monica’s Green Mayor Mike Feinstein; Green congressional candidate Donna Warren, from South Central Los Angeles; Jo Chamberlain (CA), newly-elected member of the party’s national Steering Committee; and Tom Adkins, director of the Campus Greens.
Other speakers included Kevin McKeown, a second Green Party member of the Santa Monica City Council, who announced the Council’s passage of the nation’s first-ever private-sector living wage law, more than doubling minimum wage for the city’s thousands of tourism and hospitality workers; Nancy Pearlman, recently elected to the Los Angeles Community College board; California U.S. Senate candidate Medea Benjamin; Anita Rios (OH), another newly-elected member of the party’s national Steering Committee; John Strawn (CA), California delegate to the new GPUS national committee; Jacqueline Argüelles, of the Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico, elected in 2000 to the federal Chamber of Deputies; and Tamara Muruetagoiena, cultural affairs adviser to Greens in the European Parliament.


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