***The Green Party Elders say NO! to endless wars.

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Welcome to the Green Party Elders Resource Site

This resource site will provide the information on a variety of topics regarding seniors and the Green Party.  There is also information on becoming  a member of the Green Party Elders.

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A group of Green Party members representing 15 states initially collaborated in 2018 to create the initial components for building a Green Party Elders Caucus. As of February, 2022 membership is over 100, representing 29 states and Washington, D.C.

The Elders Caucus has worked towards accreditation by the Green Party Party of the United States and submitted its application on February 21, 2022.  The accreditation process requires caucuses to demonstrate proof of membership of 100 members from over 15 states.

Please visit the tabs at the top of the page to learn more about the Elders Caucus.  If you have suggestions as we move forward, please contact elders_cochairs@gp.org .

You can register for the Elders Caucus by filling  out the form at the registration page (tab for form at top) if you meet the criteria for membership and intend to become a member of the GPUS Elders Caucus. By filling out the form you understand that you will receive communications about the Elders Caucus as it moves forward.